Why We Do What We Do


After a delayed surgery, Teresa reached out to 2nd.MD to see if there were any additional treatment options available to help her stop losing weight and find much-needed relief. "Speaking with the 2nd.MD specialist not only gave me hope, it gave me peace of mind. The advice I received has allowed me to get relief and resume my active lifestyle."

Dany's Story | Tumor De Columna

After Dany was diagnosed with a rare spinal tumor, he decided to reach out to 2nd.MD to determine whether he should undergo spinal surgery, get radiation therapy, or risk living with a tumor that could eventually leave him paralyzed. "Thanks to 2nd.MD, I have a completely normal life again and can travel without limitations."

Anna’s Story | A Paralyzing Pain

Skeptical of using 2nd.MD’s service, Anna decided to reach out to discuss an upcoming surgery after her orthopedic surgeon informed her that she may wake up having undergone a different surgery than she was expecting. "Because of 2nd.MD, I felt completely confident that I was doing the right thing by switching orthopedic surgeons and finding a surgeon who could perform the surgery that was best for me. 2nd.MD gave me the confidence I needed to get my life back."

A Second Opinion on a Second Heart

When an expecting mother learned her unborn child was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, she reached out to 2nd.MD to understand the best way to prepare for her new baby and her baby’s new heart. "Through our consult with 2nd.MD, we were able to confirm that our local doctors were doing everything the 2nd.MD specialist would have also recommended to ensure the best chance of survival for Alfie."

Everyone has an opinion, but only one has a 2nd.MD opinion

When a soccer injury left Emily in such extreme pain that her own family did not recognize her, Emily’s father was determined to get help. After receiving many medical opinions, he finally found 2nd.MD, who was able to help his daughter find relief by connecting her with a top pediatric specialist. "2nd.MD gave us the absolute confidence that we were making the right decision for our daughter. They became part of our family, and part of the team that helped guide her to recovery."